Qualified Tutors starting from only $49.95/week
for both Maths and English.

Our qualified tutors provide 1-on-1 teaching to students so that they can strengthen their knowledge and confidence in Mathematics and English skills.  Better Grades focus on your student’s individual needs, strengths, and pace of learning – to help see them succeed!

Available for AU students Grade prep to Year 12. Call today to get a free diagnostic to help determine the best match for your student’s needs. Tutors are carefully chosen from our friendly and highly trained team to support their academic learning within the Australian Curriculum.

What our Happy PARENTS Say
Better Grades has helped my child jump from Grade D to Grade A with its easy to "understand and learn" teaching strategy.
Elena M

Learning made easy with remote 1-on-1 online tutoring

Students receive tutoring from the comfort of home with full access to our private online platform with tailored lessons and academic support via online video conferencing.

Better Grades provides a convenient way for students to get assistance with their academic subjects and school work while being in their own comfortable environment.

*Reliable internet access is required to access our services.

What we provide

·         Fully qualified tutors

·         10+ years’ experience

·         Affordable rates

·         Tailored lessons

·         Friendly team

·         Video conferencing software

·         Intensive screening process for all tutors

·         Flexible scheduling


Trusted by thousands of students

“Better Grades covered all aspects of my Maths and English curriculum and made it easy for me learn. I am now confident of what I’ve learned and ready to do even more”


” I found Maths very hard and always struggled with it, but Better Grades has changed my whole perspective about it. I now enjoy doing Algebra, and Maths has become one of my favourite subjects.”


“Better Grades offers the best online tutoring  for Maths and English for all Australian students”


“I look forward to my online class every day. The tutors at Better Grades are friendly and give me enough opportunity to learn at my pace.”